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Abalone Lava Necklace

Abalone Lava Necklace

Stand out with the beautiful uniqueness of this Abalone Lava Necklace and let it's aurora of colors stimulate your creativity and captivate the eyes.

Abalone has energies of protection & emotional balance. It has a natural shielding effect that blesses the person wearing it with tranquility & helps raise consciousness. Attuned to the spirit of the ocean it uses your highest chakras as a conduit to the divine realm.

The chakras associated with Abalone are the crown, third eye & heart chakra.

The Lava stones can be infused with any essential oil of your choice to elevate your healing and protection or simply for aromatherapy how ever way you choose to use this gorgeous necklace it is sure to catch & please the eyes as it radiates with it's prismatic charisma & Oceanic Glamour. 🐚🏖️🌊✨

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