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Ultra Protection & Cleansing Kit

Ultra Protection & Cleansing Kit

Anointed for Abundance & Prosperity this Cleansing & Protection Kit is Superbly Powerful enough to Break Curses/Hexes/Jinx and help Protect, Cleanse, Bless, Restore Balance, & Expel Negative Energies in and around you.

What's Included:

•(1) Black Salt Tin w/ Random Crystal (~2.5oz)

•(1) Anointed 4" Palo Santo

•(1) Anointed 4" Sandlewood

•(1) Mystery Gift Crystal

∆ For those of your that are practitioners of the Occult Arts the Custom Blended Black Salt may also be used in aide for Baneful Magick or those of you that practice on the Darker spectrum this Black Salt may be used for Cursing & Hexing ∆

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